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MTBC Format Boundary Rules and Pitch Setup

Mushir Ahmed Basheer (

MTBC Format Boundary Rules and Pitch Setup

Welcome to the Minnesota Tennis Ball Cricket 2017.  If you are reading this article you are already a Champion of Cricket, who would have thought we play cricket in one of the coldest place on earth. If you had played this weekend April 29th and the 30th, 2017 you would know what I am talking about, the Minnesota Summer's First game was cold. So Cold. You guys, all players of the 50 teams rock and you are Champions Ambassadors. Keep smiling and moving. Good News, next weekend is exciting (Its in 70s good luck).

Having said that, few observations from the last Weekend.. Lot of questions, queries, information, schedules, umpiring allocations, ground details and many more. It was damn busy weekend. Hats off to the President and his accomplices, pure professionalism from them.. Thank you for the games.

I like to reiterate the importance of Rules Sheet, recommend that each one of us including the non playing players to read it. Below is the link of the document... take a print out and keep it in your Kit bag.

A Summary of the rules is available here
Please tell your Umpires to please read.. its important man, on ground they look less confident without being aware of the rules:

Thanks for your patience.

Now, the real agenda - Boundary Setup
The boundary cones should be placed from the Batsman's Crease at a distance of 175 Feet only.. not an Inch more or less on all Sides.
If there are fence the captains/umpires can agree on a even decision for both teams. This is the MTBC rule. 

Pitch Length : 22 yards/ 66 Feet/ 2012 cm
Boundary Setup: 58.3 yards/ 175 Feet/ 53.3m
Crease Setup

  1. 1.1/2 Bat from Middle stump on Both Sides.

  2. Leg and Off Side.

  3. Batting and Bowling Creases.

Dead Balls:
Balls that bounce more than once in front of the batting crease after leaving the bowler’s hand will be considered dead balls.

So, this is what I have to say for the first weekend. Please do not take personally, KEEP CALM and Follow the MTBC rules. All the best guys.

For MTBC Board.

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