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Minnesota Tennis Ball Championship 2018 Preview

Mushir Ahmed Basheer (

Minnesota Tennis Ball Championship 2018 Preview

April 21st 2018,

 Minnesota Winter, you kept us waiting for a long time. What took so long to bring the Spring Sun Shine. Neverthless, It was officialy the first bright sunshine day today. I loved it and many of us would have thoughts of practising cricket. A friend found a hard surface and was asking me to join play. But it was taken up by basketball guys. How dare they, the hope of playing cricket outdoor was diminishing and finally play was not possible. The positive we took was we were gearing up for Cricket.

Welcome, to the Super Minnesota Tennis Ball Cricket 2018. The race for Championship will start May 5th, 2018 this summer. There are 5 New Teams this year, the grand total of 54 teams. Almost 1000 Players promoting the game of cricket as ambassadors. That is a big achivement.

The Format for this year 2018 is different than the previous tournaments. Perhaps like the 2016 tourney the cup teams gets a chance to redefine themselves with a second chance. We will review this format in a while, the good and bad of this format. Lets talk about the 2017 Champions Gujju XI, the final was posied evenly and the doctor ordered last ball six against the ex-defending champions (Indian Knights-2016). If you were not watching the match then you missed grand final. The Gujju Celebration, the feast and prize ceremony was a scintillating experience. Well done Gujju XI.

Format 2018:

The Format for this year is challenging and an uphill task. Your team has to perform well consistently to get to the next round.
The 54 teams are split into 6 Groups A through F of 9 teams each. Allotment of Groups was done by 2017 Rankings (Legaue Games conclusion).  
Each team will play 10 League Games (8 within Group and 2 Cross Groups Matches).

Cross Group Matches

These Matches will be held between Groups
A and B,
C and D,
E and F.
Board has slatted matches with one Top and another Lower Rank Teams from the other Group. The Algorithm is tricky, so ask your captains if you have questions.

CUP Qualification:

Top Two teams from each group qualify for second round. 
Top four teams in the 3rd Position (based on Points and Run Rate) at the end of all league games will qualify.16 teams in Total.

PLATE Qualification:

Remaining Two teams from 3rd Position, all teams in 4th and 5th position per group and top two teams from the 6th position (based on Points and Run Rate) will qualify for plate. 16 teams in total.

Cup Pre Quarters:

Cup teams will compete here, Winners March Forward to CUP Quarters and Losers play Plate Pre Quarters.

Plate Second Round:

Plate Teams will complete here. Winners march forward to play PLATE PRE Quarters and Losers Knocked out.

Plate Pre Quarters:

Winners of Plate Second Round will play Loser of Cup Pre Quarters. Winners move forward to PLATE Quarters and Losers Knocked Out. 
This is the second chance for the fallen CUP teams.

Thereby, the Tournament proceeds conducting QF, Semis and eventually deciding the Champion 2018.

Its very late now, I am signing off. I like to see comments and suggestions. So, if you have any thoughts please post here. The formatting on Cric Clubs is not so good, My table is not formatting nicely. So, excuse. GN

Have Fun, Keep Smiling and Moving.
For MTBC 2018.
2018 Groups (Ranked Teams):

# Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
1 SOC  Indian Knights  Warriors  Gujju X1  11 Dulkars  Vrock 
2 Avengers  Neruppu  Titans  Bluehawkz  Eagan chargers  Eagan Panthers 
3 Indian colts  Chariots of Fire  G X1  Victors  Howitzers  V3D 
4 Indus Knights  Desi bandits  Cumins CC  Bhailog  MN Mavericks  Mighty Minns 
5 Pinch hitters  Jaguars 4 cricket  Smashers  Indian boys  Daredevils  Downtown strikers 
6 Minnesota Indians  Hit & run  Mn rockers  Woodbury wolves  Epic  Rising warriors 
7 Mn royal challengers  Midwest cc  Aces  Twin cities twisters  Royal indians  Blufalconz 
8 Bulls  Mn lions  Red lions  Few good men  EP Tigers  Shoreveiw Lions 
9 Mn super kings  Big Wave Crew  BlackPanthers  Champions United  NCIM  Spartan 11 


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