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MTBC Rule Set 31 - Substitute Players

Mushir Ahmed Basheer (

MTBC Rule Set 31 - Substitute Players

Gentlemen, ever wonder what to do when the weather is nice. Many things, one of them Cricket and organizing a team of players is awesome. You understand the patterns to follow when your opposition is strong or losing. Its all fun and you want to be a champion. so, Go Champions..
However, I like to remind myself and all of us one thing we noticed in the first two games.. THE SUBSTITUTES..

The Substitue rule is simple.. (below is the rule for the rule sheet -MTBC)

31. Substitute:
Teams can substitute fielders only in case of injuries. That injury has to be visible. Please note that substitutes can only field or act as a runner . Teams can't field someone from outside of their playing 11 just to give rest to their players. Being "tired" can't be the reason for substitutes. Physical fitness is a big part of this game. 

If you have players participating in MCA games its better not to play them, respect MTBC and respect the opposition. Calling in Substitute for them once they bat and complete the bowling quota can be avoided. The Umpire and the Opposition Captain can completely reject the captains request (MCA changes). They got to play with 9 or 10 players. 

Lets be fair with each other, I have written this to my limited knowledge. If you have better ideas, please post it to the MTBC board.

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