Article - The Journey So Far - 2017 MTBC - End of 9 Weeks
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The Journey So Far - 2017 MTBC - End of 9 Weeks

Mushir Ahmed Basheer (

The Journey So Far - 2017 MTBC - End of 9 Weeks

Hard to believe we have completed 9 weeks of the super MTBC tournament journey. By the course of next month we will see who is going to the next round for Cup and Plate championship. There is still a month of cricket to fight back if you are on the lowside, battle it out. Those Teams on high another few games to cement your place to play weaker games in the all important second round.

Checking on Group A, I must say Gujju XI are beautifully placed with some quality wins. The group is lead by Eagan Chargers. Bluehawk and Smashers are at 3rd-4th place. There is a nice tussle in this group as we enter the last leg.

Group B, SOC tops the group followed by GXI, V Rock and Bhailog. The standings may change slightly but the big teams are well placed. 

Group C, the 2016 Champions have done white wash of 9-0. Followed by the New sensation Nerrupu like Rajni they are doing super inroads.. It will be good to see how they take up the 2nd round and knock out pressure. Strong Eagan Panthers and Indian Colts are placed 3rd & 4th respectively.

Group D, The Warriors are leading, they are strong and never say die attitude is tremendeous with this team. The Two time Finalists are in second place they have tasted defeat this year in the league stage.. hopefully, not in finals. Indus Knights and Avengers are 3rd and 4th.

Couple of weeks ago the LADIES took charge of cricket and battling out. There are Six Super Teams.. the stories slowly but steadily.. watch out for them.

Vibha: Those who played VIbha last weekend in the scorching heat, hats off to all of you.. It was nicely planned event with 32 teams. Congratulations to the winners.

signing off for now.. next time with more stats, details about possible QFs prediction to come.. 
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Piyush Khandelwal:  How many teams would be qualifying for the next round from each group? Any update on that?